Join ITS and the USD Community at the 12th Annual Technology Showcase, Feb. 10, 2017

Inspiring Keynote Luncheon for USD Faculty starts at noon. Seating is limited, so RSVP today!

Exhibit hall is open from 1 – 4.

Come network and enjoy complimentary food, drinks, and amazing prizes! Click the link below to RSVP for events and find out more!

Source: Invitation to the 12th Annual Technology Showcase February 10, 2017


How to export tests from BlackBoard to Word

Occasionally you will need to export a test from Blackboard to another format – such as Adobe PDF or Word for keeping a printed copy off line. You cannot easily do this directly out of Blackboard, it is not designed with that in mind. You CAN do so through Respondus.


Firstly – Install and configure Respondus on your machine. You may have it installed already; it is a test generating tool available from the VCCS on the Teach tab in Blackboard.screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-10-07-53-am

Once Respondus is set up and running on your machine, follow this procedure:

1)  Click the Retrieval & Reports tab in Respondus.

2)  Click the Retrieve Questions button

3)  Verify the sever settings in the Wizard window. They should be set for the VCCS Blackboard server: Click Next

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-10-15-37-am4)  When prompted, enter your Blackboard username and Password.

5)  In the appropriate drop downs, select :

1- the Course to retrieve questions from

2- Which Exam (test)/Survey/Pool you wish to pull from

3- Name for the file you are creating

Click Next when ready

6)  Respondus will talk to Blackboard, retrieve your questions, then notify you that the File is Saved with a pop-up. Click OK on the popup.

7)  When the message –Completed Successfully— appears in the Respondus window, click the Finish button.Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.22.10 AM.png

8)  Go to the Start tab in Respondus. Click the Open button.

9)  Select your file (named in step 5-3) can click the Open button.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.26.07 AM.png** Important – you will NOT receive a message or see anything when the file is open, it will just do it and wait for you.

10)  Go to the Preview & Publish tab.

11)  At the bottom of the window you will see two main options.

1 – Save to File – will allow you to save as a text (TScreen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.32.34 AM.pngXT) Rich Text (RTF) or Word (DOC) file.

2 – Send to Printer will allow you to print a hard copy or “print” to a PDF file if that option is installed on your machine.


Students – How to Create Portfolios on Blackboard

Blackboard has numerous resources available to students, including portfolios.  Students can compile past work into these portfolios to share with prospective hiring managers or graduate schools.  Multiple portfolios can be created for different purposes, such as displaying research or examples of writing.  Read below to learn how to create a portfolio.

Creating Portfolios

The My Portfolios page is the launching point for viewing, creating, and reviewing portfolios. Access the My Portfolios page from the global navigation menu at the top right of the page. Select “Tools” and click “Portfolios”.

To learn how to make a portfolio, watch the step-by-step video below.


Artifacts are evidence of learning, frequently accompanied by reflection by the artifact owner. Artifacts are pieces of content that you can attach to a portfolio and reuse.

Course artifacts are graded content from your course and remain available to you even if you no longer have access to your course. Personal artifacts are any content—text, files, links and multimedia assets—you create/upload.

Using the Content Editor

Learn how to share your portfolio here.

Faculty Technolgy Boot Camp Spring ’17

bootcamp_graphic_1Are you ready to take on a new semester? Not without the proper survival kit, you’re not! Whether you’re a new recruit or a USD veteran you’ll likely benefit by attending ATS Boot Camp! Boot Camp is a drop-in event for getting á la carte assistance on any technology you wish.

Boot Camp takes place:

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Drop-In Hours: 9am – Noon & 1 – 4pm in Serra 155

Blackboard Essentials Workshop (for new users)
Serra 155, 10am – Noon

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Drop-In Hours: 9am – Noon & 1 – 4pm in Serra 155

Blackboard Grade Center & Assignments Workshop
Serra 155, 1:15 – 2:45pm

 At Boot Camp you can:

  • Get help with Blackboard Olé, Mediasite, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Gmail–any of our supported products! These are two days to explore the range of technologies we support and learn how to incorporate a few new ideas into your courses.
  • Get personalized service with any of your instructional technology needs. Learn about the classroom consoles or bring your course content with you on a flash drive and get assistance building your Blackboard course!

FREE VoiceThread training!

FVoicethread logoaculty: want to learn how to have your students create virtual presentations or conduct oral or video discussions? Look no further than VoiceThread!  On Friday, October 28, at 12:30pm VoiceThread will be conducting a customized training for USD faculty. In this online session, participants will learn the basic features of VoiceThread. An expert VoiceThread trainer will share a variety of examples from real courses and show you how VoiceThread works in the Blackboard environment.

Sign up!

Content to users outside of a Blackboard course (Passes)

What if a student is waitlisted and still needs access to course materials? Or you are collaborating with a user who is not at USD and s/he needs access to course content? Faculty users in Blackboard can issue a Pass!

Passes allow faculty to share a file, folder, or entire course worth of content to any user. Passes generate a shareable URL that can be set to expire on any date.

Click the Content Collection tab to get started, and follow the directions on this page or this  handout!

Free VoiceThread Webinars Workshops!

Are you ready to use VoiceThread this year? We can help you master the basic features with these hands-on workshops.

VoiceThread Basics 1 – Upload, Comment, and Share
September 7 at 7:00pm ET Register here

Participants will learn how to upload media, comment and annotate on that media, and share it with others. This will be a slow paced, step-by-step, hands-on workshop. It is open to both VoiceThread license holders and free members.

VoiceThread Basics 2 – Groups and Secure Sharing
September 14 at 7:00pm ET Register here

We will begin to explore the features available to VoiceThreaders with a full license. Participants will learn how to create groups, set sharing permissions within those groups, and privately share VoiceThreads with individuals.

VoiceThread Basics 3 – Moderating Comments, Private and Threaded Replies, and Copying
September 21 at 7:00pm ET Register here

In our third workshop in the series, participants will learn how to use comment moderation to formatively assess student work, give private feedback, use threaded commenting, and copy VoiceThreads for use with multiple groups.

VoiceThread Basics 4 – VoiceThread and your LMS
September 28 at 7:00pm ET Register here

We will work on integrating VoiceThread into a learning management system. With LMS integration educators can create and share VoiceThreads and grade student work seamlessly. Participants will learn how to use the assignment builder feature to assess student work during a hands-on segment.

About the Workshops

These workshops are completely free.  Each one is led by George Haines, an instructional designer, online educator, and former K-12 teacher.  These sessions will give you a solid foundation for the pedagogy-focused workshops in the months to follow. Join us!

Where to Locate Apple TV’s on Campus!

AppleTV.svgFor faculty and students interested in using Apple TV’s on campus, here’s a list just for you! Apple TV makes screen sharing and mirroring fast and easy, and of course, presentable in the classroom!

Apple TV Name Location
MTLC-2-ATV Mobile technology learning center
MRH-116-ATV Mother Rosalie Hill Hall classroom 116
MRH-DEAN-ATV Mother Rosalie Hill Hall Deans conference
SH204-ATV Serra Hall classroom 204
MRH-214-ATV Mother Rosalie Hill Hall classroom 214
MRH-216-ATV Mother Rosalie Hill Hall classroom 216
MTLC-unknown-ATV Mobile technology learning center
CH154-ATV Comino Hall classroom 154
CH153-ATV Comino Hall classroom 153
CH156-ATV Comino Hall classroom 156
CH130-ATV Comino Hall classroom 130
OH329-ATV Olin Hall classroom 329
KIPJ214-ATV Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice classroom 214
FH123-ATV Founders Hall 123
SON103-ATV School of Nursing classroom 103
CO230-ATV Coronado
MRH131-ATV Mother Rosalie Hill Hall classroom 131
BA221-ATV Barcelona classroom 221
MH-184-ATV Maher classroom 184
SH155-ATV Serra Hall classroom 155
OH330-ATV Olin Hall classroom 330
CH101B-ATV Camino Hall classroom 101b
MTLC-ATV Mobile technology learning center
LH321-ATV Loma Hall classroom 321
SH212-ATV Serra Hall classroom 212
SH210-ATV Serra Hall classroom 210
SH209-ATV Serra Hall classroom 209
LH322-ATV Loma Hall classroom 322
LH302-ATV Loma Hall classroom 302
LH301-ATV Loma Hall classroom 301
SH211-ATV Serra Hall classroom 211
LH318-ATV Loma Hall classroom 318
MTLC3-ATV Mobile technology learning center
MH186-ATV Maher Hall classroom 186
KIPJ242-ATV Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice classroom 242
LH-Donalds-ATV Loma Hall
LH-ideation-ATV Loma Hall
MH-199-ATV Maher Hall classroom 109
MH151-1-ATV Maher Hall classroom 151-1
MH151-2-ATV Maher Hall classroom 151-2
COPLEY-SEM-ATV Copley seminar room