STA Mobile Tagging Summer Project

QR code

QR Code

Mobile devices have become a predominant part of university campus culture today, so how can we as an institution take advantage of this phenomenon and use it to inform and educate our own community as well as prospective future students? This summer, two of our Students Technology Assistants (STA), Joe Emery and Ben Reed, will be researching and developing a mobile project designed to provide a new layer of distributed information in the form of answers to frequently asked questions, general campus information and history.

QR (Quick Response) codes (see inset image) can be scanned by most mobile devices that are equipped with camera phones; this is also known as mobile tagging. Once scanned, the code can provide the user with a URL (link to a web site), text information, images, contact cards, and much more. This information can then be carried away with the user, stored for future reference. The codes can be generated freely without any licensing and attached to a variety of objects.

One of the goals of this project is to increasingly embrace mobility tools while at the same time exposing the community to useful information they may not otherwise stumble across.  The project will also serve as a platform for a scavenger hunt for new IT students workers, who will use this during their first weeks to discover products and services that are supported by the Academic Technology Services department. This in turn will help them to develop a thorough understanding of the various roles of the smaller units within the organization.

Follow their progress as this project develops over the summer – Ben and Joe will be keeping a wiki, journaling about their progress, roadblocks and lessons learned!


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