Do you ever just want a quick presentation builder that’s easy to use and that you can access from anywhere? Well, Prezi may just be the answer! Prezi is a web-based alternative to PowerPoint, with a few differences. Its recent popularity has been growing so we did some snooping to find out why! Watch the video embedded here to get an idea of what this tool can create.

Prezi is capable of building non-linear presentations; the images and information is all arranged in a flattened format, so to speak, and the transitions then take the viewer from one content area to the next, and visually it is a little more interesting that the progressive and linear slide delivery of PowerPoint. This allows the presenter to ad-lib more and be creative, but ultimately keeps the attention of the audience and delivers information in an attention getting manner.

In order to create a Prezi, the user must first create an account.  The basic and student versions of Prezi are free for general use, which is adequate for most needs.  The only requirement is that you have access to an Internet connection, then create, and share!

Prezi’s developers have kept the complexity down and user-friendliness up, plus there are tutorials and ‘cheat sheets’ available that teach the user everything s/he needs to know to get started.  Another benefit is remote editing, sharing, and presenting capabilities.  Each Prezi created has a unique link that can be shared with other collaborators thus enabling co-creating and editing options.  In addition, when a Prezi is complete, the link can be distributed to an ‘audience’ and they will be able to view the presentation from anywhere.

If you are looking for a fun and innovative way to create and give a presentation, Prezi is definitely something to look into!


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