Rubrics in Blackboard

The new school year is fast approaching, and you might be thinking about how you’ll be assessing your students’ assignments this semester. The Rubrics tool in the latest version of Blackboard has recently been enhanced to give you the ability to grade a student’s work based on your criteria directly from Blackboard.

First, watch Blackboard’s short video tutorial, Creating a Rubric, on how to get your first one set up. Next, check out downloadable Rubric examples from Blackboard to help you grade Blogs, Assignments, Discussion Board postings and more.

Faculty at other universities have also published their rubrics. Karen Franker at the University of Wisconsin – Stout published a rubric for grading student blogs; and Mark Sample of George Mason University shares his blog rubric on The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s ProfHacker blog. He needed a quick, objective way to assess 15-25 weekly student blog postings. His rubric allows him to give each posting the attention it deserves in 1-2 minutes while grading them according to the same criteria.

Blackboard has also published tutorials on associating rubrics with gradable items and grading with rubrics.


One thought on “Rubrics in Blackboard

  1. I am still wondering how to show non normalised scores per criterion because the weighted scores get cloudy in large lists.. E.g. when I score a criterion with weight 20% with score 65% it gets weighed 13%. Normal, but it doesnt show my evaluation on a scale of 0 – 100 per criterion. Something most lecturers use as a base norm. I now have to convert my score of 65 to 13 before entering it. Such a visual representation would be greatly appreciated!

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