Blackboard is in Pilot phase! (But what about WebCT?)

USD students: Are you unsure as to why you might have to log in to two places to get your course materials?

Faculty: Are you wondering what the buzz is about Blackboard?

USD is in the process of transitioning from WebCT (also known as WebCT/Blackboard) to Blackboard 9.1. This semester, we’re in pilot phase, and around 50 faculty are supplementing their classes with Blackboard 9.1. This means other faculty whose courses have a web component are still using WebCT.

What does this mean for students?

Throughout the next academic year, you may have classes in both WebCT AND Blackboard, and may have to log in to both places to access all your classes. In Spring of 2012, Blackboard will be open to all faculty, so even more of your classes will be in there. By fall of 2012, USD will have completely migrated to Blackboard, and all your courses will be on Blackboard.

Faculty: be sure to make it clear to your students which learning management system you’re using this semester.

Thank you for your patience as we transition to a more modern, educationally enriching and intuitive system!

Here are the login pages for both systems:



To read more about the pilot program and how we chose Blackboard 9.1, visit the ITS Blackboard site.


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