Blackboard question: How do I view my course roster?

There are three ways to view a list of your students in Blackboard. I’ll list them in what I deem as the most user friendly order.

  1. The Users tab in the Control Panel. Go to Control Panel > Users and Groups >Users.  You’ll be provided with a list of first and last names, usernames,  email addresses, roles in the course, and availability settings for each user. Note: by default, Blackboard displays the first 25 names in alphabetical order. You’ll have to edit the paging to view all user information on one screen. If you’d like to print out a list of enrolled students and their information, this is your best option. To sort by any of the criteria, click on the hyperlinked title of the column and Blackboard will automatically sort the users for you.
  2. The Grade Center. In the Control Panel, click on Grade Center > Full Grade Center. You’ll see a list of students and their grades.This might not be the most practical option for printing if you have a lot of grades, but it’ll provide you with a list of your students’ first and last names.
  3. The Roster tool. This one is hardest to find and hardest to use. You’ll need to add it to your course menu, then hide it if you don’t want your students to have access to the course roster. This tool provides you with only a list of your students’ first and last names. To add this to the course menu, hover over the plus sign, click “Add Tool Link,” and choose Roster. Give it a name and hit OK. Once the tool has been added, click on it. You will see an empty screen. To see a list of your students’ names, you’ll need to choose “Not blank’ from the second drop-down menu and hit Go. This tool also displays only the first 25 students alphabetically, so you’ll need to click “Show All” or edit the paging to show more users.

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