Batch uploading files: Content Collection, Document Unpackager, WebDav

Have a bunch of files on your computer that you’d like to dump into your course? Know how you’d like to lay out your course, but not sure how to get a lots of files into your course efficiently?

Fear not! Here are several methods for uploading files to your course en masse.

First, create content areas for your course in the course menu, laying out the basic structure of your course.

Method #1:

If you know exactly how you’d like to structure your files and folders within each content area, you can use the Document Unpackager tool. On your desktop, arrange the files and folders as you’d like, and compress them so the folder has the extension .zip. Using WinZip (Windows) or by compressing the files/folders (Mac: Select all files, CTRL + click, choose “Compress [files]“). Then, go to or create a content area (or folder) in your course. Select Document Package.

Select the .zip file and hit Submit. Your files and folders will automatically be populated as individual items in the content area.

See my earlier blog post, Using the Document Unpackager to upload multiple files and folders, for screenshots.

If you’d just like to upload files into a repository and disperse them as the semester passes, you can do either of the following.

Method #2:

Use WebDav. Go to Control Panel > Files, and click on your course’s ID to take you into the file manager. In the upper right corner, click “Set up shared location” and follow the directions. This creates a folder on your desktop. When you drag files in the folder, they’ll be uploaded into your file manager, and you’ll have to add them manually to content areas (either one by one, or several at a time).

Method #3:

Use Content Collection. In Control Panel > Content Collection, click on course ID, hover over the “Upload” button, and click Upload Files. You can drop and drag files using the interface.

Note: Students cannot see the Content Collection or anything in the Control Panel. After you load files that you want your students to see into the Content Collection, be sure to add them to an Item or File in a content area.

This tutorial from Blackboard On Demand will give you a comprehensive overview of these methods for uploading files.


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