Converting your WebCT course into Blackboard 9.1

Are you ready to migrate your courses from WebCT to Blackboard?

Follow these steps to convert your courses:

  1. Clean up your WebCT course. Delete any archives or unnecessary or duplicate files BEFORE backing up your course. The smaller your course is, the less time it will take to import the course.
  2. Make sure you have a sandbox or other course ready to load your content into.
  3. In your old WebCT CE8 course’s Build Tab (,
  4. Click Manage Course.
  5. Click Backup. Select the check box next to the course title, click on Back Up Course. You will get a confirmation message that your course has been put into the backup queue, click on OK.
  6. When the status shows that backup is complete, click the drop down arrow next to the backup file and choose “Save as File.” (Note: The page won’t automatically refresh. You will have to go back to Manage Course >Backup to see that the process has completed.)
  7. Accept all default settings.
  8. From the My Courses screen, click on Content Manager.
  9. Locate the backed up file, and use the drop down arrow to save the file to your computer.
  10. In a Blackboard 9 course (, go to Control Panel and choose Packages and Utilities.
  11. Click Import Package/View Logs.
  12. Click Import Package.
  13. Browse for your saved WebCT CE8 file on your computer.
  14. Select all check boxes for course materials and choose Submit.
  15. An email will be sent to you when the process is complete.
  16. To see a fully refreshed course, re-enter your course after the file import is completed.
View a video of this process here:

If you have difficulty, please contact the iTeam at x7400. You are welcome to come by the Drop-in Center (Maher 194) if you’d like to work with a member of the iTeam to optimize your course for import into Blackboard 9.1.


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