Migrating a course from Ceconnect to Ole

For those of you who need your course content migrated to Ole, the new server, ASAP, please use the following directions:

  1. In your Ceconnect course, go to Control Panel and choose Packages and Utilities.
  2. Click Export/Archive Course.
  3. Click Archive, then Submit.
  4. The .zip file containing your course will be ready within a few minutes. Refreshing your browser will take you back to the course entry point, so go back to the Export/Archive course area through the Control Panel.
  5. Click the .zip file of your course archive to download the file.
  6. In a Blackboard 9 course (http://ole.sandiego.edu), go to Control Panel and choose Packages and Utilities.
  7. Click Import Package/View Logs.
  8. Click Import Package.
  9. Browse for your saved .zip file on your computer.
  10. Select all check boxes for course materials and choose Submit.

An email will be sent to you when the process is complete. To see a fully refreshed course, re-enter your course after the file import is completed.

If you have difficulty, please contact the iTeam at x7400. You are welcome to come by the Drop-in Center (Maher 194) if you’d like to work with a member of the iTeam to optimize your course for import into Blackboard 9.1.


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