Interested in: iPads in your classroom? Help building a project? Yes, Please!!

iPadHey faculty members, what if we told you that you could get iPads for you and your entire class this fall semester? OR, that we could help you with that technology-based project you’ve been wanting to develop but never seem to have the time? Well, then keep reading, this might just interest you!

Academic Technology Services (ATS) is sponsoring two initiatives this fall and we are now accepting proposals – Due August 15, 2012.

The iPad Classroom Project –  This project was a huge success in the Spring semester and some amazing learning outcomes were demonstrated. Students from Marine Science, Supply Chain Management, Nursing, and Arabic all had iPads in hand for the first time sand curriculum was designed with this in mind. Check out their projects and think about how you too could use iPads in your classroom! Strong proposals will meet the criteria outlined on our web site.

The Student Technology Assistant (STA) Program – Have you ever had a technology-based project in mind that you would love to develop but never seem to have the time or could use some additional technical skills? Our STAs are technically skilled and trained on numerous applications and are ready to work on your projects! Apply to the STA program and get an STA dedicated to work on your project for the duration of one semester. Take a look at previous projects for ideas!


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