FAQs From New Faculty Orientation

At the Academic Technology Services (ATS) portion of New Faculty Orientation on Tuesday, we encouraged you to ask questions about your technology needs. We received very similar inquiries from several individuals so we wanted to share those Q&As with all of you! Please enjoy and share with your colleagues!

Q: Do all students at USD already have i>Clickers? How do they know that they will need one for my class?

A: Students only need to purchase an i>Clicker if they are enrolled in a course in which the instructor is requiring one. They will know if they need one when they visit the USD Torero Store (bookstore) to purchase their books and supplies. A shelf item for i>Clicker will be with their required textbooks and they can get the device when they check out.

Q: How do I use the i>Clicker in my class? Do I need to bring my own laptop or download special software? If not, how do I save the polling results?

A: i>Clicker runs off of an instructor receiver that is connected to either your laptop computer or the classroom console. A flash drive contains all of the software to run the application and also is where the polling results are saved so there is no downloading of software onto your laptop and no need to have anything special installed on the classroom computer either.

Q: I submitted an application for the iPad Classroom Project for this fall semester. When will I hear the outcome of my proposal?

A: Applicants that are selected to participate in the iPad Classroom Project this fall will be notified via email by the end of this week (by August 31)!


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