What on earth is a Child Course?

Wondering what a Child Course is?

Do you have a merged course in Blackboard? (A merged course can contain multiple sections of the same course, or one course with multiple IDs.)

If so, you may see multiple courses with similar IDs listed, including “unavailable child courses.” For example:

When the Blackboard system merges courses together, such as in the above case, it automatically creates “Child Courses.” Your students will never see them, regardless of whether you put content in them. (The above course, ACCT-201-XX-201209-12-13 is merged, which is indicated by the “XX“. It is Accounting 201, sections 12 and 13.)

Please DO NOT make child courses available. If you do, your students will see duplicate courses and become confused.

Find this confusing? You can hide the child courses from appearing in your My Courses module by following the directions in this short video in our last post.


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