Building Your Organization in Blackboard 9.1

An Organization is similar to a Blackboard course, but it is designed for use by community groups such as committees, work groups, clubs, and teams. Organization sites on Blackboard are intended to provide the functionality of course sites to groups that do not fit the definition of a course. Some practical uses of organizations are campus organizations, student organizations, departments, committees, and multi-semester collaboration space for faculty-student projects.

The best use of “Organizations” is when you need to provide a collection of web-based tools, allowing participants to be involved in online activities:

▪ Communication with a group— calendar events and announcements to the group or discussions

▪ Sharing documents, agendas and reports

▪ Share of Image, movie and audio

▪ On-line Surveys

▪ Links to other on-line resources (web pages, databases)

An Organization in Blackboard is managed by one or more leaders (instead if an instructor) as the primary person in charge of the content and communications for the participants. Additional participants may be assigned support roles such as assistant or builder, who have limited administrative privileges.

Access to Organization sites is based on membership, in the same way Blackboard courses are enrollment-based. Because organization sites must be created manually by Academic Technology staff, the process may take up to 4-5 days.


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