Blackboard and Bagels: Highlights

We had a great turnout for Blackboard and Bagels, and wanted to report some highlights of feedback and suggestions shared during the event. Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 10.07.21 AM

  • Some faculty suggested creating a survey that asked about frustrating things or persistent difficulties in Blackboard, as well as what was successful, to help the iTeam tweak its support and training.
  • Faculty would like to see more Captivate tutorials on various topics in Blackboard. (We already have several at our YouTube site!)
  • On the Login screen, it would be more helpful to remove the Announcements module or make it clear that these are System Announcements. The Announcements module shows only the title of the announcement, not the text, providing a barrier to reading it.
  • Students who don’t submit assignments (rather, they submit them in person or via email) can’t receive a document from an Instructor as feedback through the Blackboard Grade Center. Professors wish Blackboard had this functionality.
  • One professor uses the Announcements in a course as a to-do list.
  • Students LOVE Mobile Learn! In addition to viewing content, they use it to reply to discussion board postings.
  • Several attendees would like a chat feature built-in, like Facebook’s chat, so that when users logged in to a Blackboard course, they showed up as “online” and were available for chat.
  • When the e-mail is sent to no-shows from a training workshop, include links to the training calendar and encourage users to sign up for a future training session.

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