iPads in the Classroom (plus Apple video)

Pulling up my browser in the morning automatically sends me to Apple’s homepage, with bright pictures and recent news items from the company. One of the stories this morning caught my eye titled, “Creating New Possibilities in the Classroom with iPad” – and obviously I had to read it! It featured a high school outside of Boston that provides all of their students with iPads.

Burlington High School

What struck me most about this video was the elimination of textbooks for iTextbooks. I implemented this strategy just this semester. Teaching Digital Marketing and Social Media, it’s nearly impossible to have a ‘current’ textbook. Instead, I rely on keeping up with popular press and hoping my students do the same.

This past week, Facebook released a new News Feed feature on their site. The iPads were wonderful! The press release was happening during our class, and we were able to keep informed as pictures were released and commentary was made. This is something that would NEVER happen with a traditionally bound textbook. Since most of my course talks about current topics in the digital world, the iPad has been wonderful in keeping my students connected and engaged.

And surprisingly…. they actually seem more engaged (i.e., less on Facebook) than when I allow laptops!

Justine Rapp


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