What is a Merged Course, and how do I know if I want one?

When activating Blackboard (Bb) courses at USD, faculty are presented with the option to ‘Merge’ their courses. Called ‘Cross-listing’ in the past, course merging creates a single grade center and course shell when several sections are combined into one. This enables the instructor to manage multiple sections within one Bb course, reducing the need to upload redundant content to multiple courses. Examples of courses that might be merged would be:

  • Multiple sections of the same course – for instance if an instructor is teaching ACCT-101, sections 01 and 02
  • A lecture course and a lab in which student enrollment is the same. It is also possible to merge two courses that have different instructors or where two instructors are co-teaching.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.29.27 AM

Course merging results in the appearance of a ‘Parent’ course and ‘Child’ courses in you’re My Courses module when you log in to Bb. The Child courses should have the annotation similar to, “unavailable – Child course of ACCT-101-XX-201209-12-13 – Principles of Financial Acctg.” The Parent course, or merged course, is the only one available to the students and is the one an instructor will use to teach his/her course. Child courses can be hidden to reduce confusion and keep the My Courses list concise.


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