Fall Technology Opportunities for Faculty @ USD

Academic Technology Services (ATS) is currently accepting faculty proposals for Fall for two very popular IT initiatives – The Student Technology Assistant Program, and the iPad Classroom Project.

Are you a faculty member who needs a Student Technology Assistant (STA) to help you with the development of a technology-based project for an entire semester?  An STA can take your vision and bring it to life! Our students are trained and skilled in a wide variety of applications and have completed projects such as:

  • Transforming 35mm slide library into web photo galleries
  • Designing and building Blackboard courses and Organizations
  • Creating and editing video presentations
  • Developing tutorials using screen capture product Captivate
  • Create and build peer review tools using Qualtrics

Do you need an STA to help you for an entire semester?? Visit the web site for more information and for forms and deadlines.

The iPad Classroom Project enters its 4th offering this Fall semester. This project puts iPads in the hands of you and all of your students for one semester in an effort to explore the power of mobile devices in teaching and learning.  Some of the outcomes studied include:

  • How mobile access to course and reference materials improves learning
  • How group and collaborative project communication can be facilitated/improved
  • How multi-media access can provide a richer learning experience
  • How field work and research/data collection can be made more efficient

Are you interested in using iPads in your classroom this Fall semester?? If so, please visit out web site for additional information, forms, and deadlines!


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