Merged Courses and Grading

It is certainly possible to have a merged course (refresher: course shell that contains two or more sections) that enables you to:

  • separate students from different sections for grading purposes
  • contact students from different sections separately
  • release different content to each section at different times

Follow these steps to set this up:

1. Create Groups for each section

First, create a Group for each section. I recommend using the Group Set option–it makes it easier and quicker to sort through your students to put them in groups. During initial group set creation, each student can be assigned to only one group–handy if sorting students by section.

Brief video tutorial on creating Group Sets

2. Create Smart Views in the Grade Center

What’s a Smart View? A Smart View allows you to view select users or groups that meet criteria you specify. For example, after you set up Smart Views, you can view all grade columns for all students in Section one with just one click!

Brief video tutorial on setting up Smart Views

Tips for using Smart Views to your advantage:

  • Create one Smart View for each course section, after you have set up Groups as described above.
  • Be sure to check the box next to “Add as favorite” so your Smart View will appear underneath the link to the Grade Center in the Control Panel.
  • For each Smart View, in step 2:
    • Leave the radio button next to “Course Group” selected. Choose one section, and give it a name easily identifiable by you (e.g. “Section 01”, “Prof. Smith’s Section”)
    • Under “Filter Results,” leave “All Columns” selected unless you want to view only selected columns.

3. (Optional) Use Adaptive Release to release selected content to select groups, at select times

Adaptive Release enables you to create visibility rules for content, assessments, and course tools based on several criteria, including dates, users and groups, and grades.

Brief tutorial explaining Adaptive Release and how to set it up


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