Blackboard: Do tests automatically regrade?

You did it! You created a Test, uploaded your questions, and successfully deployed it to your students. Blackboard automatically graded your multiple choice, true and false, multiple answer, and matching questions, saving you hours of grading. You give yourself a pat on the back.

Then, you realize as you look through the Item Analysis area, one of your answers is not correct. You need to make the correction and update all 100 of your students’ tests. What do you do?

Never fear: Blackboard to the rescue. You can change that answer in the Test Canvas, and with a few clicks, automatically regrade ALL your students’ test attempts. Check out the short Blackboard On Demand video below to learn how:

Test regrading in Blackboard

Note: automatic regrading will occur after students submit attempts when you:

  1. Change question point values
  2. Give students full credit for a question
  3. Designate a question as extra credit
  4. Delete questions

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