Unacceptable characters in a Blackboard title or filename

You probably know that it is a best practice to provide your students with the specific file format that you’d like submitted, whether it’s via an Assignment in your Blackboard course, via email, or some other way. In addition to specifying a file format (e.g. Lastname_Class_Homework_7.doc), it is a good idea to give them a list of unacceptable characters in a filename.

Here is a comprehensive list of characters to avoid when titling a file or post in Blackboard:

% & # < > = \ + / ‘ , ” : ! ? $ @ | [ ] { }

Blackboard told us that these characters are illegal or have special meaning in certain file systems, which is why they should be avoided. We have encountered various errors when students submit files with these characters, as well as when users create Assignment, Test, Discussion Forum, etc. names with these characters, which is why we strongly discourage their use.

In addition, Assignment file attachment names must be under 120 characters, or the Instructor will be unable to download it.


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