Batch enrolling users into an Org

In Blackboard, you can populate an Excel spreadsheet with user data and import it directly into your Blackboard Org using the following steps:

  1. Download the spreadsheet and populate it with your user data using the attached sheet as a guideline.
  2. It is not necessary to fill out all fields, but best results are obtained when the username, last name, first name and role fields are filled in. Leave a blank column for each omitted column.
  3. In the last column, please use the following codes that correspond with the appropriate Blackboard role:
    Role Code
    Participant S
    Leader OL
    Organization Builder B
    Teaching Assistant TA
  4. Save the spreadsheet as a .txt file (tab-delimited text).
  5. Go to your Control Panel > Users and Groups > Users, and select the Batch Enroll Users button from the upper-right side.
  6. Select the spreadsheet from your computer. Select Tab as the delimiter type, and click Submit.

Spreadsheet Template


4 thoughts on “Batch enrolling users into an Org

  1. Thanks Allison. I was banging my head when I couldn’t find any adequate documentation of the Batch Users into a Course. Are you including the header row in the upload? I thought we left it off.

    • Hi Ian. The header row is not necessary. I included it in the template so that it’d be easier to understand. If you do include the header, Blackboard will skip it but process everything else.

      • Hi Allison,

        Yes, if I do include the header row, it generates an error (and skips) it.

        The following rows had errors in them:
        Line: 1 Message: Error: Invalid role: user role Please use one of …
        username, last name, first name, email address, password, user role


        – Ian

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