A clever use for the Blackboard Mobile app

rain USD

Tecolote Canyon from the USD campus in the rain

The Blackboard Mobile app is now for more than just students. The iTeam is investigating what you can do as an Instructor from within the app, and will be sharing more tips and tricks on this blog in the future.

So what happens when (gasp) it rains in San Diego? The much-needed rain oft causes traffic jams, which might make it tough for you to get to class on time. Need to cancel your class or let students know you’re running late, but aren’t near a computer? You can log into Blackboard Mobile and create an Announcement, which will be emailed to your students’ @sandiego.edu email addresses and posted to your Blackboard course. If your students have the Mobile app and have notifications enabled, they’ll also receive a pop-up message on their mobile devices every time you create an Announcement.

 mobile Announcements

Blackboard Mobile is available FREE to all USD Blackboard users. Download it from the App Store or Google Play today!


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