Java @ USD

JavaJava is releasing version 8 this week, and USD’s Help Desk has some important information to share with you:

Frustrated with Java on your computer? Not sure when you should update and when you should not?

Information Technology Services (ITS) is working to improve your experience with Java related applications, including Banner, Oracle eBusiness Suite and Kronos.  We have created a custom installation of Java that includes special support for our USD systems.

If you experience problems with Java on your Windows computer, please visit to download and run the “Java 7 & 6” package.  Users on Apple computers should download the “Java 7 for Mac” package. Note: You will need to log in with your MySanDiego username and password to view this download.

Once you’ve installed the USD supported Java on your computer, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest versions of Java 7 as they are released.

This month, Oracle will be releasing Java 8, which contains major changes and is not 100% compatible with older Java programs.  You should NOT install Java 8, as we have not tested any USD applications with Java 8.  Java 7 will still be supported by Oracle until June 2015 or later.

If you are experiencing any problems with Java after installing the USD Java package, please visit to search our knowledge base for solutions.  You can also contact the ITS Help Desk at (619) 260-7900 or by email at help AT sandiego DOT edu.


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