Fall Initiative: iPad Classroom Project

iPadStill Time to Apply! Deadline for Proposals: August 15, 2014

Have you ever wondered how your teaching could be enhanced or transformed by incorporating the iPad into your curriculum? Watch the short video on this page and see what the iPad Classroom Project has done for these USD faculty!

Faculty members that are awarded iPad Classroom Projects will receive iPads for themselves and students in their class for one entire semester. The project explores the value of mobile device integration into higher ed learning, and the pedagogical benefits of the iPad in instruction and student research.

The sixth cohort of faculty participants will greatly benefit from the experiences of other faculty that have taken this project on in previous semesters adding to the wealth of collective knowledge possessed by our growing mobile learning community.

Those who may be inclined to submit a proposal in a future semester (spring ’15 or after) are encouraged to check out an iPad for up to 3-months as they study and design a proposal and syllabus outlining relevant ways in which specific apps and techniques can be implemented into their curriculum.

Students enrolled in iPad Classroom Project classes are encouraged to use their iPads not only as instructed by the faculty member in this study, but also in their other classes and leisure activities and will be surveyed once at the beginning of the semester and again at the end, their responses added to the cumulative database for this research study.

Learn more about the requirements for faculty applying to this initiative, or apply now!


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