Spring 2015 Faculty Learn at Lunch Series

Learn At Lunch Spring 2015What is Learn at Lunch? Register today for a FREE Faculty Learn at Lunch to take an 90 minute in-depth focus on our newer academic technologies. Tool-talks, faculty discussion with Q&A and hands-on tech time supported by iTeam staff.

Lunch Provided RSVP: http://bit.ly/usdlearnatlunch

When? Time: 12:15 pm – 2:15 pm

Thursday, March 5 – Distance Education: Teaching Guide

Location: Serra 204

Come learn all about how distance education requires a different teaching style in and how you can effectively implement this teaching style. You’ll come to better understand how to be a distance educator in an online environment!

Tuesday, April 7 – Digital Badges

Location: Maher 205

Distance badges are becoming an increasingly popular tool to motivate and reward students for working hard and doing well in school! Come hear more about them from our special guest, Christopher Gray, and his experiences using the digital badges.

Thursday, May 7 – Organizational Skills: Evernote, OneNote, & Apps!

Location: Serra 155

Organization is one of the keys to a successful classroom. Come learn how you can achieve all your goals just by being organized via technology. In addition, we will show you some organizational apps you can use on the go!


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