How to upload an assignment to Blackboard and Receive Feedback

Uploading an assignment into Blackboard is a simple process that allows you to turn in your homework anytime, anywhere! First, log into Blackboard and click on the course you wish to submit the assignment to. Then on the left hand side on the Control Panel, click on “Assignments”, or whatever category your professor has created/specified for you to upload these assignments. On the screen should appear the assignment names – click on the assignment/homework you are currently going to submit for.

Once you do this, it will take you to a screen with the assignment information, submission, and comments section. If your professor has posted the rubric with the assignment, click on “View Rubric” to view it. The due date and time should also be shown in this top section. The second section, Assignment Submission, is where you will actually submit the assignment. Click on “Browse My Computer” under Attach Files and upload your desired file when prompted. Once you see your file under the category “Attached Files” you know your assignment successfully uploaded – but you’re not done yet! If necessary, add any comments you wish in the third section, and make sure you press the submit button otherwise your assignment will not be uploaded to Blackboard fully. When you click submit, it should automatically bring you to Submission History, which shows you the document you just submitted, thus confirming you have uploaded your assignment successfully!

Lastly, the view feedback from your professor, click on the assignment (one you’ve previously submitted) to view your professor’s comments. It will take you to your submitted assignment and allow you to view feedback from your professor.

Below is a video that outlines everything just described in the paragraphs above. It visually walks you through the process should you need anymore help!


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