How to add a hyperlink to the left navigation menu

Adding a hyperlink to your Blackboard navigation menu is as easy at 1, 2, 3! On the main course page, start by clicking the “+” sign in the upper corner of the left navigation menu. Make sure that edit mode in on (upper right-hand corner) otherwise you will not be able to insert the hyperlink. Then click on “Web Link” from the drop down menu. Type the name of the article or website you wish to add and paste the link in the URL section of the box. Then click submit.

There are also several options to be aware of. If you would like the link to be available to your students upon posting, make sure to click the check box next to “Available to Users” so students can see it right away. If you don’t want students to see it right away, or you simply forgot, there is another way to make it available to users after creating the hyperlink. Hover over to the right of the hyperlink you just created until the action arrow appears, and then click on it. Click on “Show Link.” If you want to rename your link, find the drop down arrow again, click it, and click “Rename” to rename your file.

Most importantly, you must always click “Set Link to Open in a New Window”, found in the same drop down menu as Rename and Show Link. If you do not do this, your hyperlink will direct students away from Blackboard, making it more difficult for them to view and work on their assignments in Blackboard.

If you would like a visual walk through of what has just been described, below is a video that takes you through creating a hyperlink, as well as a couple other tips and tricks.


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