Blackboard at USD

Blackboard is a powerful tool in the classroom in the age of technology. It’s a learning tool not only for students, but for professors as well. Professors can upload assignments, update grades, share course content, and utilize a myriad of other options in Blackboard. Students can check their grades, upload assignments, received feedback, and easily access course content. Of course, it’s even easier now with the Blackboard App for smartphones, which sends students notifications when professors update grades, upload content, and a host of other things – all while students are on the go! Check out this video, which includes testimonials from USD professors and students, and statistics on how great and efficient Blackboard is!


2 thoughts on “Blackboard at USD

  1. Since you bring it up… I actually find Blackboard to be annoying slow and tedious to use. (-: I use it because it’s what we’ve got, but getting things done always takes more clicks and more time than I think ought to be the case.

    In particular, the fancy javascript-enabled rich-text-editing boxes that appear on every page take several seconds to load, and slow down the rendering and scrolling of the page, while being (for me) totally useless. I would much prefer ordinary snappy html textareas, but there seems to be no way to turn off the wysiwyg.

    Entering grades is also quite tedious. The grade center is likewise overloaded with slow javascript, and entering grades by hand in it is almost unfeasible, plus error-prone due to numerous popup windows and unpredictable highlighting that can cause grades to be unexpectedly overwritten or put in the wrong box. So I always submit grades using the download/upload feature, but even this is more tedious than it ought to be, requiring me to first upload a file, then scroll through the grade center to find the newly created column and click “Edit column info” in order to tell Blackboard to convert the scores to numbers and (if I so desire) hide them from the students; those options should be available at time of import.

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for taking the time to write some thoughtful comments about your experience with Blackboard. We have shared them with Blackboard, so rest assured that they are heard. In the coming year or so, Blackboard is completely redesigning their system (which I believe includes an overhaul of their code), to be named Blackboard Ultra. I know they’ll be phasing Java out of it’s webconferencing product, Collaborate. If you’d like to take a peek or learn more, you can watch this webinar: or listen to an interview with Bb’s CEO here:

    The iTeam

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