Start Date, Due Date, & Post Date

Confused as to what each of these dates mean? Well this post will hopefully clarify them all! The start date is the date when students will first be able to submit their assignments/papers. The due date is the last day that they are allowed to submit, or the date that the paper is due. There is an option to allow late submissions if you would like but papers are no longer accepted after the due date. The post date is the date that the grades for the student’s papers are posted onto Blackboard or whichever grade site your university uses.

Included in this post is a link to the trainings for Turnitin. In the second video, Setting Up and Submitting an Assignments there is a clarifying explanation as well. The explanation starts at 0:40 and ends at 1:00. Feel free to look at the other videos as well to see if any of the information helps!


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