How to enable advanced options on the Content Editor

Have you ever wanted to embed media, such as video, images, audio, into your discussion posts, content areas, or other parts of your blackboard site? Well, you can expand the content editor to do just that! Expanding the content editor will give you advanced options, which consists of three more rows of icons that will allow you to add more functionality to your content.

First click, the add/edit image button insert image button that you see here in order to add your image, then you can play with the advanced settings once the image is added. The appearance tab allows you to play with the settings of how your images are going to appear. Click on the appearance tab in the content editor to play around with it.

Image illustrating associated text.

For other types of media, click the embed/add media button to add all sorts of media to your post insert media button. Types of media that can be included are: Flash, QuickTime, Shockwave, Windows Media, Real Media, Iframe, and Embedded Audio. zto upload it, just click “Browse from my Computer.” In the advanced settings for your media, you can do all sorts of things! You can name it, give it a background color, set up vertical and horizontal options for space around the media, and much more!

Image illustrating associated text.

These are just some of the things you can do with the content editor. For a full list of what you are able to do, as well as explanations of everything on the content editor, see this article from the Blackboard help site for further details!


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