Text Neck & How to Avoid It!

Ever felt like the weight of the world was on your shoulders after looking at your phone for extend periods of time? Well, you actually carrying the weight! Maybe not of the world, but it does create weight and pressure on your neck. The latest technology strain is called “text neck” which occurs after hunching over electronic devices for extended periods of time.

A new survey shows that when you are standing or sitting up straight, your head weights about 10-12 lbs. Increase this to a 15 degree angle and now your head weighs 27 lbs. With a 30 degree angle, its 40 lbs. When you move to a 45 degree angle, it increases to 49 lbs. The most shocking is the 60 degree angle, which leads to 60 lbs of weight on top of your shoulders. Yikes!

Text neck is bad overall because it increases pressure on the spines and the discs which causes increased compression and can lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain, as well as severe headaches. So how can you avoid and help prevent this? Simple exercises like squeezing your shoulder blades together and practicing keeping your neck back and your ears over your shoulders. When using a mobile device, try to keep it in front of you and don’t look down. With these simple things, you can decrease your risk of “text neck” and more serious health problems down the line.



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