Record Your Voice in PowerPoint Presentations!

PowerPoint 2013 for the PC has soooo many new features! One of the best enhancements is that you can record your voice while retaining all other sounds!  This is an amazing ability as older versions of PowerPoint only allowed just your voice or all other sounds to be recorded; but not at the same time!  Add sounds to transitions, animation and background all while retaining your voice—thank you Microsoft!

Reasons I’ve recorded my voice:

  • When I feel a cold coming on and I know that my throat won’t be able to talk for the entire lecture; this saves my voice for the Q&A session!
  • Sometimes I like to be able to observe my audience while the lecture is happening; by recording my voice, I can better focus on the audience.
  • When I teach online and want to supplement the textbook, I’ll add my voice for a  more personalized experience and then post it on our LMS. The students will hear my voice while the slides advance instead of just reading them!

Enhance presentations with your voice! Click here to learn how easy it is.


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