Poll Everywhere

For faculty who would love a quick polling software, this website is for you! Aptly named “Poll Everywhere”, this website lets you record up to 40 responses per poll for free! To increase the number of users or to gain more features, there are paid plans that you can look into. It’s also unique because your students can enter in their responses in by either web voting or texting on their phones! It keeps the student engaged while still getting the information that you need.

How it works: you as the main user can create questions and answers before your classes, or you can make questions on the fly. Once you’ve created your questions, you can send them out to your students for polling. Once they’ve submitted their responses, the magic happens – your poll results appear instantly onscreen. You can see the poll results from any web browser, save them and use them in PowerPoint, Keynote, or your own personal webpage. It’s a very useful resource for professors who want to poll their students or even those who want to test their students’ knowledge. Here are some videos shown below to help you get started and learn more about Poll Everywhere!


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