What Ensemble Can Do for You!

USD has started using a new software for video publishing called Ensemble! It’s a great way to compile all your course videos in one place or have students submit directly to your portal, leaving more room on our course in Blackboard! It’s easy to upload videos to Ensemble. Just follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Go to the Media Library Tab and click the “+add” button in the right hand corner
  2. Name your video in the Title section. You have the option to add additional information if you see fit but only a title is required. Click continue.
  3. Under the giant white box on the next screen, click add file and find the video you just downloaded. Once it appears in the white box, make sure to click upload file.
  4. Wait until the file is 100% uploaded and it appears in “Media” box that will appear under the white box when it is fully uploaded. If you do not wait for it to pop up, the video will not upload.
  5. One the next screen it will ask you to put the video in a category, which is a playlist you’ve created for your class
  6. Click publish and wait for the video to finish converting. Once it’s done converting, your video is ready to view!

Ensemble is great because students can upload directly into your portal if you’ve given them a video assignment, saving you from the hassle of uploading each video yourself. You can even embed the link for your account into your Blackboard course so students can view all the videos on one page. Check out the link and PDF below for more information on what Ensemble is and how to get an account!




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