App of the Week! – Step2Step Physics

This week’s app of the week is for all the physics “phanatics” out there! Step2Step Physics is a great app to learn, practice, and reinforce concepts learned in class or on their own. The app essentially has a wide range of questions and several different versions of each question to help you practice a certain concept. Topics include kinematics, Newton’s laws, energy & momentum, and circular motion & gravitation. There’s also a variety of user interfaces such as dragging labels into a problem statement, dragging terms to build an equation, tapping arrows to indicate direction, and typing in a numerical answer. Step2Step Physics also acts a private tutor – if a student misses a particular part of a question, they will get feedback on that specific mistake to learn how to fix it.

There are 2 versions of this app – free and paid. The free version includes 8 question types for a total of 52 questions. The paid version, which costs $4.99, has 38 question types with 4 different versions per question type for a total of more than 350 questions. Either way, Step2Step Physics is a great app to create a fun and interactive environment for learning physics!


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