Edit PDF Files in Word 2013 (PC)

I love this new feature! Any file that is saved as PDF, and not encrypted, may be opened and edited in Word 2013.    There are things to remember though:

If the PDF has encryption applied, the file will not open in Word. Click here to review the prompt that will appear indicating that the PDF was encrypted so that it cannot be changed or opened in another program.

Topics to consider when opening a PDF in Word 2013 — click here to learn more:

  • Fonts that were in the program to create the file may not be in Word; therefore you may need so select the document and reformat.
  • Graphics or embedded images can be deleted but not modified in Word.
  • Characters or content may be missing; if special characters or sometimes just regular alphabetical characters may be dropped/deleted. Be sure to read the entire document to ensure it says what you need it to!
  • Page Breaks and other layout features may have changed.

Click here to watch a video to learn how to open a PDF in Word 2013 (In Word: File>Open>Browse for File>Open).

This blog does not refer to copyright laws that you may be violating by converting the PDF. Best practices are to identify what your industry’s copyright laws allow you to do. Click here to review copyright information–you may need to further research or seek counsel.



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