Open Education Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) are high-quality, openly licensed, online educational materials that offer an extraordinary opportunity for people everywhere to share, use, and reuse knowledge. They also demonstrate great potential as a mechanism for instructional innovation as networks of teachers and learners share best practices (The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation).  More information about OER can be found on the Hewlett Foundation website. 

Here is a list of some good sources to check out:

Merlot MERLOT-Peer reviewed learning materials with collaboration between institutions
OER Commons OER Commons-Free to use OER content to share.  Some of the materials can be changed or manipulated and so that educators can teach exactly what they want
Internet Archive Internet Archive-Open Education Resources and university lectures that contain free courses, video lectures, and supplemental materials available for download
The Orange Grove The Orange Grove-Online library of free instructional resources
Connexions Connexions-View >and share educational material via modules organized by courses, books, or reports
MIT Open Courseware MIT Open Courseware-MIT lecture notes, videos, and exams
Academic Earth Academic Earth-Video courses from leading universities that are free
Open Courseware Consortium Open Courseware Consortium-Resources and collaborations from more than 200 higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world
Sofia Sofia-An offering of Community College level materials
TED TED-Use TED to initiate class discussions
Khan Academy Kahn Academy-Watch videos, practice materials, and learn almost anything!

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