Blackboard 9.1 October 2014 Updates!

The new Blackboard is here! Along with many bug fixes comes several new features:

  • Anonymous Grading – The anonymous grading feature increases the chance of impartiality and unbiased grading. The professor can hide the student’s names on the assignments to allow the them to grade it anonymously. Once the assignments have been graded, the feature can be disabled allowing the professor to assign the correct grades to their students.
  • Delegated Grading – If professors have large courses or several sections of the same course, the delegated grading feature allows the professor to divide up the grading aspect of the class to several TAs or other graders of the professor’s choosing. Once the TAs have assigned provisional grades then the professor can look over them, reconcile them, and assign a final grade to the student.
  • Safe Assign Integration – SafeAssign will now be integrated into regular Blackboard assignments, making all of the regular assignment features available with the SafeAssign service. SafeAssign is a tool designed to detect plagiarism and teach students how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrasing. It compares assignments against several different databases to check originality.
  • SafeAssign Originality Report – The originality report provides detailed information about the correlations between a student’s submitted work and the existing sources. Both professors and students can view this originality report if the professor so chooses to let the students see it. There have been several changes to the way originality reports are formatted and displayed. There’s a new look/feel, instructors can choose which sources to keep for the next round of assignments, and more!
  • Student Preview – This is a whole new feature in the Blackboard update! Student Preview allows professors to view their course exactly as students do. While in this mode, professors can submit assignments, take tests, post on discussion boards, and do everything else that a student can do. This is different than edit mode, which just hides your controls, whereas student preview allows professors to experience their course as a student.
  • Calendar Enhancements – You can now alter the first day of the week that starts the calendar view in month and week views. The Hijri Islamic lunar calendar has been added, and there is now a calendar course list filter so you can choose which calendars display instead of seeing them all!

One thought on “Blackboard 9.1 October 2014 Updates!

  1. To change your calendar settings, click you name/avatar in the right-hand corner and select Settings and Personal Info from the drop-down menu. On the next page, select Edit Personal Information. Here you will be able to change these new calendar features!

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