MS Office 2015 (MAC) Preview is available

The Mac Office suite will finally get a major face lift – at long last!

Download the preview and explore features by clicking here. The preview is good for 7 days — this doesn’t seem like enough time, so be prepared to devote your life to the download for a week. If you want more time to explore, download it as many times as you like; however, you’ll need to uninstall it prior to re-installing. The Mac Office suite will be available for purchase the second half of 2015. Some sites refer to the Mac office suite as 2015 and others call it 2016; 2016 is actually the PC version.

Check out the updated Outlook!

Has the Mac suite made remarkable upgrades?  It depends on how you currently use MS Office 2011 and what you need.  If you are bilingual with the PC office suite, you’ll be disappointed in the Mac upgrade as it didn’t get a comparable overhaul-despite it taking four years. If you want power and loads of features, you’ll still need to use the PC office suite, but hey, a  new Mac version is available — woohoo!

Leave your comments about what you find as ‘new features’…….



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