Retention Center

The Retention Center has proven to be a useful tool for instructors to quickly assess which students are doing well in the course and those who appear to be struggling. The tool comes set up so it can be used right away with the default rules in place to dictate the cutoffs for students at risk. Instructors are able to customize these rules and create their own rules to create a Retention Center that reflects more useful information based on the course. Instructors can also customize notifications and alerts they receive from the Retention Center. For example, an instructor can set a rule to be alerted when a student has not accessed the course in over a week. A professor may also click the star in a student’s profile (this was a bug in the earlier version of Blackboard that is now resolved) to monitor them specifically if they want to make sure they are getting the attention and resources they need. The Retention Center is also useful for students who are excelling in a course. The professor can set similar rules to monitor the activity of students who are performing well and use that information to assist students who are struggling. An instructor can even contact the top performers directly to ask what is working for them. Below is an intro to the Blackboard Retention Center:

Blackboard Help Retention Center



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