NEW: How to embed a PDF in a Blackboard Item

In the quest to make one’s Blackboard course more visually appealing, embedding content has become a very popular technique among our tech-exemplar USD faculty. Last week I received a question of how to embed one’s syllabus in Blackboard…and found it wasn’t quite so straightforward. So I made a video to walk you through it, step-by-step:

To recap (major steps):

  1. First, your file(s) must already be IN the course. You can put it in the Files area under the Control Panel.
  2. Grab the permanent URL (permalink) by going to Files, finding the file and selecting 360 View (you’ll need to click the chevron next to the file name to find the 360 View)
  3. Create a new item, then choose Insert/Edit Embedded Media (4th icon in the 3rd row of the Content Editor)
  4. Choose iFrame from the drop-down list next to Type.
  5. Paste the permanent URL into the box next to File/URL. (Note: Do not hit Browse My Computer to upload the file here. Blackboard rejects non-multimedia filetypes (including PDFs) in Insert/Edit Embedded Media, but will display a URL that points TO a PDF)
  6. Change the dimensions so your document isn’t squished. 800 x 600 will display well on most screens, but you can adjust to your preferences.
  7. Click Submit.

Embed settings

Voilà! You’ve successfully embedded a PDF in Blackboard.


4 thoughts on “NEW: How to embed a PDF in a Blackboard Item

  1. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial! I was able to embed the pdf of my syllabus into the content area so now when students click on the main menu button labeled Syllabus the syllabus pops right up without having to click again to open up an attached doc. I have been trying to do this for a long time and finally gave up. Thankfully, I attended the Tech Boot Camp this week and overheard Allison and Cyd explaining the steps to a fellow faculty member. I do wonder why Blackboard does not make this great feature easier to implement.

  2. Thank you very much–all the way from Iowa–for this tutorial! I googled embed .pdf Blackboard and your tutorial came up. I have been wondering how to do this for a long time!

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