Anonymous Grading In Blackboard

Sometimes when grading assignments it is necessary to create an extra layer of anonymity to prevent any preconceived notions of a student’s effort or ability. In Blackboard it is easy to set up assignments to be graded anonymously.

In the Grading Options section, select the Enable Anonymous Grading check box and choose when you want to automatically remove students’ anonymity:

  1. On specific date: Provide the date you want to disable anonymous grading. The system will automatically begin removing anonymity before the end of that date.
  2. After all submissions are graded: Provide a due date. After students submit attempts, the due date passes, and you have graded the attempts, student anonymity is disabled.

    Image illustrating associated text

    You can manually disable anonymous grading at any time by clearing the Enable Anonymous Grading check box. You can turn anonymous grading on and off until a student submits an attempt. After the first submission, you can only turn it off. If you grade half of the attempts anonymously, then turn off the anonymous setting, the items graded with revealed names will not be tracked as “Graded Anonymously.”

It is also important in many cases for the institution to be able to verify that the grading was done anonymously which is also relatively easy in Blackboard.

You can verify anonymous grading was enabled at the time you gave the grade. Even after anonymity is disabled, administrators and instructors can view the attempt on the inline grading screen or in the Grade Center history to see that the attempt was graded anonymously.


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