Blackboard new feature: Delegated Grading

Blackboard now offers delegated grading! For class sizes that are especially large or for assignments that are tedious to grade, this feature allows instructors to distribute the load to delegated graders.

The users who help you grade are called delegated graders and they provide provisional grades. Delegated graders follow the same grading steps that you do, however, the group of assignment attempts that they see are based on the options you choose. After all delegated graders provide grades and feedback, one or more instructors review the grading to determine a final grade or reconcile it. This workflow breaks down the delegated grading process:


If a professor is using a TA or grader this is a perfect tool for grading and staying in Blackboard. For how to enable and customize your delegated grading follow this link.  Delegated Grading In Blackboard.


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