Blackboard Exemplary Course Program

Blackboard’s redesigned Exemplary Course Program (ECP) is here!

What it is: The ECP identifies and disseminates best practices for designing engaging online courses. The core of the program is the Exemplary Course Rubric, which defines key characteristics of high quality courses within the framework of Course Design, Interaction and Collaboration, Assessment, and Learner Support. Thousands of instructors, teachers, and designers have used the Exemplary Course Program to evaluate and improve their courses with recognized best practices. Winners will be honored with a certificate from Blackboard, and courses will be showcased in the Blackboard Exemplary Course gallery.

Why you should enter:

Through the Exemplary Course Program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your own course design through self-review of your course
  • Complete course design professional development via an asynchronous online course
  • Gain new perspectives and insights on your course through a structured review process
  • Receive detailed feedback on your course, including best practices and areas for improvement through our peer review and achievement review processes
  • Apply lessons learned from the program and the ECP rubric to courses you develop
  • Learn from and network with your peers

Other details: To officially enter the program, first, you’ll evaluate your course by completing a self-review. You’ll do that here:

You’ll need to create an account. You will hear back from Blackboard in 3-4 weeks with the results of your course evaluation. To view course tours of previous winners, click here (you will need to be registered in the Blackboard Community portal, which you can sign up for here. Note that this is a separate login from the ECP review process highlighted above).

You can choose various types of review:

  • Self Review – You evaluate your own course with the ECP rubric.
  • Peer Review – A peer volunteers to review your course with the ECP rubric.
  • Achievement Review – An ECP expert evaluates your course with the ECP rubric and you will receive certification if your course achieves an exemplary status.

Contact the iTeam to help you get prepared to enter your course in the ECP!


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