Creating and Taking Mobile Tests in Blackboard

The Blackboard Mobile Learn app has proven to be useful for quick notifications and responses when a laptop or wifi is not available. Now, the ability to take Blackboard tests on a mobile device is available. While some of the functionality of normal Blackboard tests is missing, it can still be used for quick tests or even for taking attendance. Some of the missing functions in the mobile compatible tests include: test availability exceptions, timer, force completion, rubrics, and setting when to show student results. Professors still must create the test on their computer. When creating the assessment, instead of selecting “Test”, they will select “Mobile Compatible Test”. The screenshot below shows the window that will then appear.

Mobile Test Screenshot

After saving the settings, the professor will then add the questions for the test. It is also important to note that there are less options for question types on the mobile tests. Again, this may be limiting and will not be ideal for more complex tests, but could be used for quick check-ins or perhaps staying sharp over a long weekend. The mobile tests can make it easier for busy students to complete tests even when they do not have a laptop on hand.

Activity from the mobile app is not recorded in Course Reports (so that will not be included in course statistics). Mobile does not automatically save answers, so if the student’s app/phone crashes, they could lose their work. It is always recommended that students verify that their mobile test was successfully submitted, and log their answers manually.


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