Grading Schemas in Blackboard

Grading schemas are used in Blackboard to assign letter grades to numerical scores in a course. The grade center has its default schema but this can be changed to match a professor’s syllabus.


To adjust your grading schema:

1.Enter the full grade center

2. Select the ‘Manage’ drop-down menu.

3. Select ‘Grading Schemas’

4. Click the gray chevron next to ‘Letter’

5. Select ‘Edit’

6. Input your score ranges and the letters that correspond to those ranges.

Blackboard now allows grades above 100% so if extra credit makes a student’s score above 100%, that can be included in the highest letter category (A or A+).

Faculty should also know that students will only see the primary display grade—the secondary display is for instructor use only. Shown below is an example of how the grade display translates.


For more information on Grading Schemas and manipulating them visit the Blackboard Help Page.


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