Spring 2016 Learn@Lunch!


ATS is back with Learn@Lunch for the spring semester! These sessions provide an opportunity for faculty to take part in interactive discussions about new technologies that can be easily incorporated into the classroom. The time will include demos, discussions, Q&A, hands on tech time and (free) food!

To register for a Learn@Lunch here.

Spring 2016 Learn@Lunch Series Topics

Thursday, February 25th: Issues in ADA Compliance

How should an academic course be redesigned for students with disabilities? Guest Speaker, Velma Martin, Coordinator at the AIM (Accessible Instructional Media Center) at California State University, Long Beach will discuss current issues in ADA Compliance and how advances in software, hardware, and computer support services are assisting students with disabilities. Topics explored include ADA compliant digital content, textbook conversions, and screen readers, as well as alternative media, classroom innovations, and assistive products.

Location: Serra 155 – 12:30 to 1:45pm

Thursday, April 28th: Using Blackboard for Study Abroad Courses

Is your study abroad course often difficult to manage? Could the students academic experience with abroad study be more engaging and enriched with language instruction, communications, and social learning? You are in luck because Blackboard has many integrated tools and features that can be leveraged when the student is studying abroad.

Guest speakers Christopher Newman (SOLES) and Ilaria Tabasso-Marcyan will demonstrate and discuss how Blackboard transformed their study abroad courses.

Location: Serra 204 – 12:45 to 1:45pm

For more information go here.


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