How To Upload an Avatar to Blackboard

Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name.  An avatar is a small picture that represents a person in the virtual world of the Internet. Your avatar will appear on your My Blackboard menu, blogs, journals, discussions, and within your notification modules (including What’s New, Needs Attention, and To Do). Your avatar can be seen by all other users.

Instructions for adding an avatar to represent you throughout the system:

1. Click the global navigation link at the top of the page.

Blackboard Avatar Graphic

2. Click Settings and select Personal Information. You can also access Personal information on the Tools panel on your Dashboard after logging in to Blackboard.


3. On the Personal Information page, select Personalize My Settings.


4. On the Personalize My Settings page, you can add or change your personal avatar. Recommended pixel size for an avatar is 150 by 150 pixels. Select Use custom avatar image.

5. Click Browse My Computer.

6. Select an image stored on your computer to use it as your custom avatar. Click Open. Keep in mind that you can only use images stored on your computer. You will have to save the image to your computer if the image is on the Internet.

7. Click Submit to upload your avatar. You may have to close the web page and re-open it for the avatar to appear.


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