Use “Needs Grading” Page to Organize Heavy Grading Load

Professors with a heavy grading load might find it useful to use the “Needs Grading” page to determine and organize grading tasks. Individual and group assignments, blog and journal entries, wiki page saves, and discussion posts that are ready grading or review can be viewed. If you have a designated turnaround time set for all gradable items, the Needs Grading page allows you to customize the view of items with a needs grading status.

The “Needs Grading” page is found in the Grading Center section of the Control Panel.

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Next, we will show what you can do on the “Needs Grading” page.

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A. Click Grade All on the action bar to begin grading and reviewing immediately. The Grade All function places all attempts in a queue for easy navigation among items. The items in the queue appear in the order they appear on the Needs Grading page.

B. To organize your list, you can click on any of the column titles, like for example “Date Submitted” to list all items based on submission time.

C. A filter can be used to narrow the list.  For example, make selections in both the Category and User drop-down lists to display tests submitted by a particular student.

D. The total number of items to grade appears above the list of items and reflect the current number that needs to be graded. If you filter the list, the number reflects how many items match the current filter settings. For example, “6 of 12 total items match current filter.”

E. Access an item’s contextual menu and make a selection.

  • For assignments, you can select Grade All Users or Grade with User Names Hidden.
  • For tests, you can also select Grade by Question and View Attempts.
  • For interactive tools such as blogs, journals, wikis, and discussions, you can determine how many entries or posts users must make before an item goes into needs grading status. For these items, you can Reset All to clear the activity counter and move the item out of needs grading status. The total number of attempts for the selected item is listed in parentheses.

F. Click Show All to display up to 1,000 items on one page. Click Edit Paging to change the number of items to view per page.


Please keep in mind that once the instructor adds comments or grades, the items will disappear from this page and will be found through the Grade Center. Tests with a grading status of Attempt in Progress do not appear on the “Needs Grading” page.


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