How to Create a Distribution List Using Blackboard and Excel

This blog post will go through how you could create a distribution list from the list of users on Blackboard. This could be useful for faculty who would like to save previous or current sections of their classes in an organized matter on their Torero account. We will first download the user information from Blackboard, then use Excel to get their email address, and then finally import it to your ToreroMail account. Let’s get started!

1. Go to the Grade Center on your Blackboard, and click on “Download” under “Work Offline”.

2. On the first section “Data”, select “User Information Only” as the data to download. Click on “Submit”, and on the next page click on the “Download” button. The file has now been saved on your computer. If you need help with these two steps (1 and 2) please consider taking a look at our post on how to download Blackboard grades to Excel.

user information


3. Open up the Excel-file that was downloaded. We will now concatenate “” to each username using Excel.

4. Make a new column called “Email addresses”.

5. Click on the box under “Email addresses” and create a formula to concatenate. Please copy our formula (see below). If your “Username” column is not on column C, you might want to replace “C2” to the correct box which contains the first user (see our Username “georgeclooney”).


6. Once done, hit your Enter-key, and drag the first email address all the way down to the last user. You will see that each user now has an email address in the format of “”. If you would like to watch a video showing these two last steps (Steps 5 and 6), please consider watching this video.

7. Now we will save the file. Click on File and then Save as, and then select “Comma Separated Values (.csv)” as your preferred file format from the drop-down list. Name your document and save it on your computer.

Now, to create a distribution list on Gmail:

8. Log in to your ToreroMail account.

9. From the Google Apps options across the top of the page, click “Contacts.” The Google Contacts page will open.









10. Click on the “More” button and then click on “Import”.

11. Choose the Excel-file that you saved (from Step 7) and click on the “Import” button.

12. Your new contacts have now been added. To your left, under “My Contacts” you will see “Imported X/XX/XX” with today’s date. Click on it, and from the “More” button again, you will be able to “Rename group”.

13. To email all of the people in your newly created group, click on the unchecked box to select all, and then click on the Email-button.




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